Weekly Wellness: Roadmap to Wellness

Hi everyone and welcome to our Motivational blog! We are the Registered Dietitians for Eagles Landing Endocrinology and we’ll be the first to kick-off our new monthly blog.

Nutrition plays such a huge role in our lives, which is why it’s important to stay active and eat a well-balanced diet! But…sometimes it just doesn’t seem that easy.

Here’s the thing. We all have our own journey in health. It’s easy for us to like the ‘thought’ of eating healthy. But, what good does that do us when we don’t put it into action? Now, we’re not saying let’s look through the negative lens and nitpick everything we do wrong, wellness-wise. No, what we’re saying is WE GET it.

Okay, so you’re asking…what’s the point to all of this? Well, we want to get past the misconceptions, fears, and shame, and encourage you to take care of your body…for YOU! It’s a road trip that we, at Eagles Landing Endocrinology, want to take with you. However, we’re going to skip the “diet” mentality route and take a detour to your new lifestyle journey. It will be a ride filled with nutrition, fitness, happiness, and success. Of course, there will be bumps along the way. There will even be times when you want to take the byway to all the sodas, candy and well, let’s face it—the unhealthy avenues. But, that’s where we come in.

We’re here to help you manage, navigate, and take control of your wellness journey. Soon enough, you won’t need that GPS to tell you where to turn. Eventually, you won’t even have to think twice about the choices in your healthy lifestyle.

Now, let’s get to the blog. So, what does being healthy really mean? Well, it can vary depending on your personal goals. For some, it might be about wanting more energy throughout the day or being disease-free, or maybe even wanting to have that slim-toned body. It could even be more specific, like wanting to run a 5K or a marathon. Whatever those goals may be, there are three categories that apply to everyone—physical, emotional, and mental health. The answer to your question you’re afraid to ask is yes, eating healthy does affect each of these categories. But, is that really a surprise?

Think of it this way. If you had the energy to do what you want, a positive outlook on life to handle stress better, reduced risks for health issues, and more physical strength—wouldn’t you feel better all-around? Well, food plays one of the biggest parts in that. And an added bonus, you would even look better and surely have more self-confidence to tackle whatever may come your way!

Let’s get real. To be your best “healthy” self, there’s no magic potion or shortcut. The goal is to be sensible and find an approach that best fits you. The good news? You can do it! And, you are in complete control. Your life is filled with choices and you have the power the choose the greatest wealth, your health. One of the most rewarding things in life is taking control of your well-being and eating accordingly, and we’d love to be the one to help you!

Let’s work together to find the best fit for you on your road map to wellness, so you can finally relish in your wellness. You’re just one block away! Call and schedule an appointment today (770) 914-1808.

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